I had known Sheri for a couple of years when she attained her certification in small animal massage. Around that time my 11 year old chocolate lab, Koa, developed a limp that necessitated 2 bone biopsies.  Fortunately we did not find bone cancer but the issue with her shoulder left her with pronounced muscle atrophy. She also had a fair amount of arthritis in her hip. Koa had gotten to the point where her mobility was severely limited to the point where she required assistance to climb stairs. Sheri started weekly massages and the results were marked and measurable. It’s hard to describe, but where her shoulder and hip were bony there’s plump muscle. She now gets around well with only a slight limp. The harness I used to use to help her up stairs has gone unused for many weeks.

Not long after Koa began receiving massages her 13 year old half-sister, Mocha, began having significant mobility issues. She struggled to stand and was quite wobbly. Sheri started massaging her, paying particular attention to several points on her hips. Mocha turned 14 recently and is having much less trouble getting around.  It delights me to see my old lab trot across the yard with a definite spring in her step.

Sheri now massages both girls every two weeks. Their quality of life has improved tremendously since massage with Sheri was added to their care routine.”

-Monica, Mocha and Koa’s Mama

photo-13Outdoor massages on a beautiful day


Our dog Fay loves the massage sessions. Every time Sheri comes in she jumps right on her massage pillow and gets comfortable, relaxing completely. We started the massage sessions after a hip surgery and it helped our dog a lot in her healing process. Sheri is amazing with animals, so caring and knowledgeable; we completely trust her and our dog just loves her.”

-Heike and Jens, Fay’s Mom and Dad

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Smiling Fay after her Chill massage


The Pet Fairy has been the dog-walker  for our  two beautiful dogs Maddie and Montana since they were 2 ½ years old.  They are now 9 ½ years old and they have never missed a scheduled afternoon walk with Sheri since that time.  As a working professional, who can’t change her schedule much, that speaks volumes.   Sheri  is part of our family and our girls absolutely adore her!   More recently, one of our dogs developed joint issues and lameness.  As a certified massage therapist, we decided to pursue massage therapy with Sheri to see if that might help.  Both girls starting receiving massages in May and have been put on a regular monthly schedule.  We immediately saw positive results with some improvement noted in her joint pain.   However, after 3 months of massage therapy, her joint pain seems non-existent and her post-exercise lameness is completely gone.   We just hiked Bolton mountain this past weekend, and my friends were commenting how amazing and fit our dogs are at their age.  I attribute that not only to strong attention to diet and daily exercise, but also to massage therapy.  A year prior to this, the girls would have been lame following that hike, but this past weekend, they showed no signs of pain or lameness.   I am a firm believer of massage therapy for our aging animals and I am thrilled that Sheri has the skills and knowledge to help our pets in a loving, caring way.

Allie, Maddie and Montana’s Mom


Maddie and Montana after their Chill massage


I can’t thank Sheri Simon of Chill Animal Massage enough for being an integral part of my dogs well being. Sheri comes to our home to massage our dogs Willow and Gabby and we have seen the benefits in their attitude and performance when out on the trail. The dogs are very eager to get their massages from her and will tell Sheri when she has hit a knot or tender area. It’s amazing to watch Sheri work her magic and help them through these sores spots so that they can enjoy optimal health. My dog Gabby gets regular exercise because I own an off leash doggie daycare. She’s always out running in the woods with her friends and I feel regular massages are a great way to provide preventative care so that she can enjoy her good health well into her older age. I am always recommending Sheri to friends and clients because she is so great with our dogs and I can tell my dog Gabby feels so much better after her massage. Gabby’s also very intimidated by people touching her but she always lets Sheri touch her. When I first heard about doggie massages I king of laughed it off until I actually got one for Gabby and realized how needed it was and now recommend it to many of clients before they do anything invasive. Sheri is the first one I call if Gabby is limping or looking sore. She’s a great resource to have and I feel very fortunate to have such a warm and passionate person in our lives.

-Rhonda Bilodeau, Gabby’s Mom and Pack Leader
-owner of Vermont Dog Pack Camp


We’ve been working with Sheri Simon for several months and have noticed remarkable progress with Baxter, our 12 year old Chocolate Lab.  The combination of acupuncture and holistic treatment and Sheri’s massage therapy have literally given him a new life. And, a dog that was nearly paralyzed when we brought him to the vet 9 months ago, is now navigating stairs to the outdoors again, and spending time investigating the yard with his sister Leah.  We are continuing periodic sessions with Sheri, and the look on Baxter’s face when she arrives has let us know we’re doing what’s best for him. Thanks Sheri!

-Sonja and Doug, Baxter’s Mom and Dad

photo-13Baxter after his Chill massage


I have a 12 year old Brittany spaniel lab mix named Willow. Willow a few years back had a very bad limp so I went and asked my vet and food store what to do and they told me to get her on Glucosamine. After a month of her on Glucosamine Willow still had a limp:( My sister told me about Sheri and I thought, awesome I will try that. I regularly get massages from a good friend and thought well if it does not work at least this will be a fun and relaxing experience for her! After Sherri massaged Willow her limp went away! I call Sheri when Willow gets a limp or I feel it is time for another massage. Sheri is incredible and so patient with the dogs. She really listens to Willow and does not push her into something she is not comfortable with. Sometimes Willow needs to get up because her back is sensitive and Sheri feels it. Sheri just lets Willow get up and take a break. I love how loving and caring she is with Willow. I also love being with her and chatting with her. Honestly it is a wonderful experience all around. Willow and I look forward to each and every visit.

-Rachel, Owner of Rachel’s Tranquil in Home Dog Care

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Sheri giving Willow her Chill massage